Tenants Handbook


Electrical Repairs The tenant is responsible for bulb replacement, burglar alarm systems and battery operated smoke detectors, fuses. Repairs to Doors and Locks The tenant is responsible for external and internal door locks and handles, draught proofing of doors and windows, replacement of broken glass, internal tiles on window sills and boards, letter boxes, window stays, catches and restrictors – painting or otherwise treating timber work on windows and external doors at least once in every two years. All internal decoration and any damage to the fixtures & fittings of the house shall be made good without delay and where such damage or breakage is made good by Cork City Council, the tenant shall pay the cost to Cork City Council.

Special Notes

n When a tenant vacates their dwelling all dishwashers, fridges, washing machines, etc must be removed or a charge will apply.

n Cork City Council, on a charge basis, may carry out repairs to glass and external locks, which are shown to be the tenant’s responsibility, for the tenant in special cases of hardship. n Keys will not be provided by Cork City Council to lock windows. This is a matter for the tenant. n Information document on condensation is attached to the back of this document.

Plumbing Repairs The tenant is responsible for cleaning of gully traps, internal waste pipes and toilet bowls and toilet seat replacement, replacement of stopper and chain for baths, sinks and basins, venting air locks in central heating systems. The tenant is also responsible for the maintenance of his or her own central heating system.

Do's and Don'ts

n Don't put nappies, sanitary towels, kitchen cloths or paper other than toilet paper into toilets. If a toilet or sewer blockage is found to have been caused by foreign objects flushed down toilets a charge will apply. n Do fit your waste outlet pipe with a mesh filter. n Don't put cooking oil, fat or motor oil down sinks or toilets.

Cooking and Heating Appliances

n Do know the location of your mains water stopcock. n Do know how to shut off electricity in your house. n Do fit a lagging jacket to your hot water cylinder.

The tenant is responsible for solid fuel, gas and other heating/cooking appliances installed by the tenant, the basket/grate in all fireplaces, damage to room heaters by improper use, repair and replacement of tiles on fireplace/hearth. The tenant is also responsible for the annual maintenance of all appliances and gas or oil fired boilers.




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