Tenants Handbook


New Dwelling Issues

If you have moved into a newly built home, it will be covered by the Builders Guarantee, which is normally 12 months. Any defects should be notified to Cork City Council.

It is very important that while your home is under guarantee no one else does any work which will make the guarantee invalid. All problems must be referred to the Housing Department in order that the Builder can be given the opportunity to put them right.

Q: What about plaster cracks? A: These are very common in new buildings and are due to the drying out process. Normally, they are nothing to worry about. Just fill them up when you decorate.

Q: What about condensation? A: Newly built homes can contain some of the water absorbed during the building process. Please refer to the relevant leaflet attached to the rear of this document.


n When Cork City Council rewires a house, the ceiling roses, bulb holders, sockets and switches are replaced free of charge. n The tenant is responsible for the repair of any wilful or malicious damage by any person. If Cork City Council undertake repairs resulting from such damages, the full cost of such repairs will be charged to the tenant. n Any breach of tenancy (including rent arrears) may result in the withdrawal of maintenance services. n The tenant shall be charged for unnecessary call-outs for inspection of items that are the tenants responsibility. n Cork City Council may, from time to time in the interest of safety and for the protection of their property, repair an item that is the tenant’s responsibility and shall charge the tenant the cost of the repair. n It is important to note that all Cork City Council staff have I.D. Cards.

Electrical Repairs

n Main fuses are the responsibility of the ESB.

n The tenant will be responsible for any repairs arising from his/her interference with the electrical installation. The tenant must ensure that a qualified and competent electrical contractor carries out electrical repairs

Plumbing Repairs

n Baths will only be replaced or re-surfaced if, on inspection they are found to be defective.



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