Tenants Handbook


Fire Safety

n Never leave a chip pan unattended. n Use proper ashtrays on a firm base. n Last thing at night check that a smouldering cigarette has not fallen onto seating or carpets. n Never, never, never smoke in bed. n Never leave children alone in the house. n Keep matches out of reach of children. n Have a plan to get out of your home in the event of fire and have one designated meeting place outside the house. n In the event of fire GET OUT and STAY OUT and DIAL 999 or 112 immediately.

The following is a brief list of guidelines for fire safety in your home:

n Install domestic smoke detectors in your home. Good quality battery operated smoke alarms need not be expensive. The maintenance of battery operated smoke detectors is the responsibility of the tenant.

n Do not store petrol or paraffin in your home. n Do not use portable oil or bottle gas heaters. n Always keep a safeguard in front of an open fire.

n Check flexes regularly for signs of wear and replace if necessary. n Don’t run flexes under carpets or rugs where they can be damaged. n Replace blown fuses with one of the correct rating. n Don’t overload sockets – one socket, one plug is a safe rule. n Never hang cloths directly over cookers or hobs or in front of an open fire. n Turn pot handles inwards on the hob. n Do not wear loose sleeves while cooking. n Use a

Alterations and improvements

You can make minor alterations, provided you get our written permission before you start. Whatever work you plan to do to your home, it is best to ask. We will not refuse permission without a good reason, which we will explain to you. All alterations must be approved in advance by Cork City Council.

Examples of alterations/improvements

n Taking out or changing kitchen units or bathroom fittings, installing showers n Moving radiators or installing your own central heating n Painting the outside n Putting up a garden shed or fence If what you want to do will make the property less safe or reduce its value or would require planning permission in the normal course, we are unlikely to agree to the proposed alteration/work.

thermostatically controlled chip pan.

n Never overfill a chip pan.



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