Tenants Handbook


Refuse Collection

Tenants are reminded of their responsibility regarding refuse collection. Tenants should present their wheel bins at the kerbside, (or designated collection point if applicable) no later than 07:00 on the day of collection. Tenants are responsible for the cost of any replacement wheel bin should the one issued by the Council be subsequently lost, stolen or damaged.

Remember that you are responsible for improvements to your dwelling. When you leave you may not be able to recover the cost of any improvements.

Adaptations for people with disabilities Under the Disabled Persons Grants Scheme, we will consider improvements to your dwelling.

In some circumstances (e.g. when a house is first occupied) the refuse collection may temporarily be by means of a bag collection. Until such times as the wheel bins are introduced, tenants should present their bags at the designated position before 07:00 on the day of collection and ensure that the bags are properly secured to avoid spread of refuse by animals. At public holidays the day of the refuse collection may change. Tenants should check the local press for details or contact customer care at 021 4924396. In areas serviced by wheel bins this is the ONLY method of collection of refuse. Tenants must present all their refuse in the wheel bin. The bin should not be over-loaded. There shall be no additional refuse presented with the bin, whether

Your Garden In the interests of good Estate Management all gardens must be maintained in a neat and tidy condition. No household or domestic rubbish must be allowed to congregate in any part of your garden. If you

have a car parking space, this does not

mean that you can use it for car repairs. It is only for parking your car. Cork City Council’s Environment Department run tidy gardens competitions each year.

in bags or otherwise. If a tenant has lost their bin, it is the tenant’s responsibility to purchase a replacement bin. In the absence of a bin, refuse must not be presented for collection. The presentation of refuse in bags is a breach of the Cork City Council bylaws and may result in a prosecution.

Non Domestic Rubbish Proper disposal of these items is the responsibility of the tenant.

Vermin You are responsible for the disposal of vermin in your dwelling or garden and should make contact with a reputable pest control company to deal with the matter.



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