Tenants Handbook


Your Rent

The Housing Department of Cork City Council charge a Differential Rent for every tenancy. The amount of rent is assessed in accordance with the Differential Rents Scheme taking into account household income and household composition. A copy of the Differential Rents Scheme is available to all tenants.

n Paying your rent -When and how

Methods of payment:

-How is your rent calculated -Change of circumstances -Getting behind

These include:

n In person at the Council’s payments offices. n Household Budget Scheme – deductions from Social Welfare (details from your local Post Office). n Billpay (at any Post Office). A swipe card for this purpose can be ordered from the Housing Department. n Cheques, Postal Order (no cash) through the postal system. n Wages deduction for those working with Cork City Council or by agreement with your employer. n Credit Union n Direct Debit. Forms are available at the Council’s payments offices. n Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS).


All rents are reviewed on an annual basis where all tenants must supply details of household income and composition.

Every income coming into a household is assessable for rent purposes. You should keep Cork City Council informed of any change in your household income or composition. For example, you should let us know when:

n A person in your household gets a job/loses a job. n A person joins the household. n A person in the household starts claiming Social Welfare.

n There is a birth in the household. n There is a death in the household.


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