Tenants Handbook


Tenancy/Letting agreement

The conditions of your tenancy are set out in detail in your letting agreement. For your convenience, we have highlighted some of the main issues:

n Your letting agreement n Use of your home

n Succession – inheriting the tenancy n Assignment – passing on the tenancy n Lodgers & Subletting

Q: How does my tenancy operate?

A: n The dwelling must be used as your principal home. n Rent is calculated by reference to the Differential Rents Scheme and is based on household income and household circumstances. Any changes of circumstances in income of household must be reported to the City Council. n The tenant shall not, save with the express consent in writing of Cork City Council, cease to reside in the dwelling for more than six weeks in any period of fifty-two weeks. n You must give Cork City Council four weeks notice, in writing, if you are surrendering your tenancy. n You must look after and keep your dwelling in good condition. n You must not make any structural alterations to the dwelling without our written permission. n No member of your household is to be guilty of conduct likely to cause annoyance or disturbance to your neighbours. The breach of any one or more of the conditions of your tenancy places your tenancy at risk and can result in the termination of your tenancy by the City Council. Under the law the housing authority is not always required to provide rehousing.


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