Tenants Handbook



Frequently asked questions

Q: What should I do if I have to live somewhere else for a few months? A: Our property has been let to you to use as a home.

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If you must be absent for six weeks or more in any one year, please contact us immediately. It is very important that we know exactly when you will be coming back.

Q: Can I work from home? A: Your letting conditions say you must use the property "only as a private residence" and that you must not operate a "business at the premises". Cork City Council will take steps to prevent usage of the property as a shop, workshop etc. Q: What happens to the tenancy if my parents are the tenants and they die or leave? On the death or departure of both parents, the tenancy will normally be given to a son or daughter, irrespective of the number in the family, provided that he/she has been registered as living there for at least two years immediately prior to the death or departure of the tenant. In determining succession, Cork City Council will have regard to the housing need and natural rights of surviving brothers, sisters, sons, daughters who have resided in the household for a period of two years or more. Each case will be examined on its merits. Q: Can I pass my tenancy on to someone else before I die? No but a joint tenancy may be created if the other person has lived in the house as a declared household member for 2 years or more. Q: What if, as a single person, I live alone as the tenant of my house? A: Should you die, no other person shall be entitled to claim the tenancy of the house by succession.

Q: Can I charge someone to live in my home with my family or me? A: No – The letting conditions prohibit this.


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