Tenants Handbook


Some of the issues that will be taken into consideration by the Housing Department are:

Housing Services

n Clear Rent Account. n Refuse and any other charges paid. n Property has been kept in good condition.

Cork City Council provides suitable accommodation to qualified applicants in accordance with its scheme of letting priorities for housing accommodation. We allocate dwellings in a fair and reasonable manner and we hope we have satisfied your housing needs. Changes in your household circumstances, however, may mean you have to review your housing needs and you should, therefore, be aware of all the housing options open to you.

n Compliance with all the conditions of the Letting Agreement. n No record of serious anti-social behaviour in present dwelling. n Have been tenants in the present dwelling for at least two years.

It is important to note that just because you qualify for a particular housing service it does not mean that you have automatic entitlement to that service.


Tenants can apply in writing to Cork City Council if they wish to exchange their dwellings. Conditions will apply including a fee.

Housing Transfers

Transfer applications from existing tenants will be considered in accordance with the scheme of letting priorities where existing accommodation is not adequate to meet the needs of the tenant or where there are other appropriate circumstances.

Non-Disclosure of Information

The City Council may refuse to offer a transfer: -

Applicants will not normally be placed on the Transfer List unless they have been tenants of their existing dwelling for at least two years.

n Where a transfer applicant refuses to disclose any information, which is requested either for the purpose of assessing the application or for estate management purposes. n Where a transfer applicant will not authorise the release of data/information about the applicant by other agencies where it is required for estate management purposes. n Where a transfer applicant provides false or misleading information, either on the application form or at a subsequent interview.

Tenants of Cork City Council dwellings will not normally be considered for transfer to other Cork City Council dwellings except under the following circumstances and in priority as follows: 1. Overcrowding. 2. Where the elderly and other small households wish to surrender family type accommodation and move to smaller accommodation. 3. Medical/compassionate reasons.

Improvement work in lieu of housing

It may be possible for Cork City Council to provide a bedroom extension to a tenant’s existing dwelling. It may be considered if it eliminates overcrowding and would result in the tenant being removed from the Transfer List.



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