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Repairs and Maintenance Cork City Council manages and maintains 7,500 dwellings in Cork City. There is often confusion about who is responsible for maintenance repairs.

Cork City Council is responsible for many repairs but is not responsible for all repairs. Practical guidelines regarding repairs on some of the most common issues are listed below.

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How do we carry out our responsibilities? We divide repairs and maintenance into two different categories:

1. Response maintenance 2. Planned maintenance

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1. Response maintenance If an item in your home is defective you should check whether it is your own or our responsibility by referring to the sections below. If the particular item is our responsibility then you should report it to your local Area Housing Office or Maintenance Depot. We will attend to your request as soon as possible, but you should remember that repairs we prioritise depend on how urgent the particular item of work required is. 2. Planned maintenance More general repairs, to ensure that the overall fabric of the house is kept in good structural repair are carried out on a programme basis. It is intended that each property would undergo a planned maintenance inspection every five years, which will identify what items of work or elements of the building are in need of replacement. Q: How do I report repairs that need doing? A: Any queries on repairs or reporting of repairs should be made to your local office as follows: n Vicars Road 021- 4961722 n North East Area Housing Office 021- 4551586 n North East Area Housing Sub Office 021- 4552259 n City Centre 021- 4924121 n Northwest Area Housing Office 021- 4391917

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