Tenants Handbook


Cork City Council’s Responsibilities

Cork City Council is generally responsible for the repair and maintenance of the items listed below when it is as a result of normal wear and tear

Structure of the Dwelling Cork City Council is responsible for structural repairs of walls, ceilings, floors, skirting, staircases, roof, chimneys, drains, and also repairs to airbricks and ventilators, damage caused by wet and dry rot, fire damage (except re-decoration), fascia board and soffit. External Repairs Cork City Council is responsible for amenity areas, lighting in communal laneways, stairs, paths, ramps and drives built by Cork City Council, repair and maintenance of gutters and downpipes, external doors, frames and weather boards, window frames and sashes. Electrical Repairs Cork City Council is responsible for electrical wiring, repairs to sockets, ceiling roses, lamp holders, light switches, immersion heaters, showers (other than showers installed by the tenant), heat and smoke detectors (installed by Cork City Council) and control panels. Plumbing Repairs Cork City Council is responsible for cistern and water storage tanks, repair of stopcocks, back boilers and hot water cylinders, taps, external wastepipes and drains, toilet bowls cracked or leaking (through normal wear and tear). Cooking and Heating Appliances Cork City Council is responsible for replacement of defective fireplaces where fire risk exists, replacement of defective solid fuel heaters in unfit condition, replacement of fire cheeks, immersion heaters.

Tenants Responsibilities

Tenants are responsible for the following, including alterations and additions made by themselves.

Structure of the dwelling The tenant is responsible for the repairs and maintenance of internal plaster cracks, cupboards, wardrobe and kitchen unit doors, drawers, handles, locks and catches, floor coverings and draught proofing, sweeping chimneys – (except in flat complexes), repairs due to condensation damage (Cork City Council will advise tenant on what action to take), wall and floor tiles and vent covers. External Repairs The tenant is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of gardens and hedges, T.V. aerials, and also repairs and maintenance of sheds, fences, gates and boundary walls, where these have been provided by the tenant themselves.



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