Lifelong Learning Festival 2022

Fèile Foghlama Chorcaì

18.00 - 19.00 HRS Freedom of Speech Online Griffith College Cork Law Faculty

17.00 - 18.00 HRS One Good Adult Online Cork Sports Partnership

POLITICS / CURRENT AFFAIRS | CULTURE From proposed legislation against hate speech to questions around misinformation online. This session will examine the contours of the right as protected under the European Convention on Human Rights and identify how and why we do inhibit some forms of expression in order to create a more nuanced debate on the importance of freedom of speech.Face To face event pg 27

SPORT / EXERCISE | EDUCATION This online workshop is aimed at the One Good Adult in a young persons life. In a sport or physical activity setting this could be a Coach, Parent, Committee member, Team Manager or an adult involved within the club! Have a greater understanding of mental health and the importance of their role and a greater awareness of how to support young peoples mental health.

30 MAX

30 MAX

FOR BOOKINGS 18.30 - 20.00 HRS Zoom Introduction to Shiatsu Online via Zoom The European Shiatsu School - Cork HEALTH / WELLBEING Suitable for adults – Log on and start your journey on this amazing and practical bodywork form with a basic introduction to the concept and idea of Shiatsu. See also Pgs 15 & 55

FOR BOOKINGS 17.00 - 18.30 HRS Introduction to Graphic Design using Canva Online University College Cork EDUCATION | ART / CREATIVE Whether you are hoping to create posters for seminars or add more style to

30 MAX

20 MAX

FOR BOOKINGS 17.30 HRS Virtual Horner Automation Visit Online via Zoom Horner Automation STEM | LEARNING FACTORIES This is a one off meeting to discuss automation and it’s application in terms of Horner products .

FOR BOOKINGS 087 207 0132

15 MAX




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